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Everyone needs enough time to wind down from work. Sure, you can go out and enjoy various establishments near Studio 7. In doing so, you’ll be allocating time, money, and energy for your rest days. There’s a better option waiting for you here. This condominium development offers different amenities to improve your way of life at home.

First and foremost, you’ll discover a lap pool within the premises of Studio 7. Rather than lose your time and money by travelling to the province, you can have the vacation experience any day of the week. There’s even an aqua lounge if you want to relax by the pool and leave all of your worries behind. With this amenity, you can have a good balance between work and play.

With all of the pollution in the metro and the junk food available, staying healthy is becoming more challenging than ever. Your unit in Studio 7 gives you the chance to shed off those unwanted pounds. There’s an outdoor area where you can engage in a fitness boot camp. As compared to going out for your exercise regimen, you can proceed here and still have the same results. You’ll have the freedom to work out without spending a single peso in this amenity.

If you prefer the solitude and tranquility of yoga, you’ll appreciate what Studio 7 has in store for you. You’ll be afforded with the use of a yoga deck within the premises of the property’s podium garden. The area around this amenity is very conducive for your yoga fitness routines. Plus, the podium garden is also a great place to pass the time and just be at peace.

At the end of each work day, you just want a quiet spot to relax in and have a drink. Studio 7 provides you with that benefit. You’ll find a Sky Lounge at the building’s roof deck. You can go here to get rid of any trace of stress or enjoy the company of your friends. There’s even a juice bar and cocktail cube to widen your refreshment options as well. Invite your friends over, enjoy a couple of drinks, and make it back home in time for your affairs the following day.

Along with the podium garden, you can also enjoy your spare time in the building’s mezzanine lounge. If you’re bored in your unit, simply take a walk to this place and enjoy a much-deserved escape from the world. You’ll also feel safer because Studio 7 has features that cater to your security. You’ll have more peace of mind when you’re not at home or you’re sleeping soundly at night.

Living in Studio 7 provides you with countless reasons to have a good time. Even if you’re just staying here, you won’t run out of options for your leisure and productivity. The condominium development’s set of amenities are always there for your use, making your idea of home living a lot better.

  • Outdoor Area for Fitness Bootcamp
  • Lap Pool with Aqua Lounge
  • Sky Lounge with Juice Bar at the Roof Deck
  • Cocktail Cube
  • Mezzanine Lounge
  • Sky garden at the Roof Deck
  • Yoga deck at the Podium Garden
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